Fittest Loser Contestant Application

Apply to compete in the 2018 Fittest Loser Challenge – Milestone Edition

To be considered for the 2018 Fittest Loser competition, please fill out the form below. This years Fittest Loser is dedicated to those who are reaching a big milestone or event in their life, like becoming a new parent or a wedding.

All applications will be reviewed and some applicants will be invited to come in for an interview. You will be notified either way by January 26.

Please list any medications you are currently taking:*
Please describe any injuries or physical limitations:*
Describe your current exercise routine:*
Describe any prior attempts at weight loss. If possible, tell us why you think they failed:*
Describe your support system:*
What are you willing to do to get your health back on track?*
Do you have an example of how you have overcome obstacles in the past?
What big event or milestone are you trying to get in shape for? (eg. reunion, wedding, new parent, just retired, etc):*
Why is this event/milestone important to you? Please be as detailed and specific as possible. We want to know what your motivation is for entering the competition. Please give us at least 100 words or more:*