Fittest Loser

Fittest Loser 2018

Welcome to the Fittest Loser Challenge!

Are you ready to get healthier? Join us for the 2019 Fittest Loser Challenge. There are two ways to get involved:

Individual Competition Milestone Edition

Not for the faint of heart, the Individual Competition is the original Fittest Loser Challenge. We will select five applicants, who will receive 12 weeks of free instruction from a personal trainer from Push Fitness and a nutritionist. Contestants will work out three days a week at Push Fitness in Schaumburg. Expect both a lot of work and incredible results.


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Team Challenges

The Workplace Challenge is designed for teams of up to five people to work together to get healthier and lose weight. We offer activities, advice, weigh-ins and work out opportunities, but teams are self-guided and can work at their own pace.

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