2020 Fittest Loser Team Challenge Application

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This program is free!  Fill out the application below to register your team. If you don’t have the answer to any of the questions, that’s fine. Just put “TBD” in the field and we will get the missing information from you later. Please use a valid email address, like your own, for the TBD team members.

Team captains

Team captains can either be participating on the team as one of the four members or they can be an external captain and not be included as one of the four team members. If the captain is on the team, he or she will weigh in and participate with the rest of the team, and his or her results will be included in the final scoring. If the team captain is external, he or she will act more as a “coach”: weigh-ins will be optional and his or her results will not be included in the scoring.

The team captain will be the main liaison with DHMG and give a weekly update on how the team is doing. We ask that the captain be someone in your Human Resources department or in a similar role so you have your company support.

Challenge guidelines

Be sure to check out the Team Challenge Guidelines to get a better sense of what is in store for you and your team! Before the challenge begins, we will be in touch with more details, activities, and rules.

If you want to participate but cannot get a complete team together, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

NOTE: Teams do not have to be associated with an organization to participate and can be composed of members of the community.


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Fittest Loser Competition

– First weigh-in will be the first week of Feburary –

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Human Resources contact

Please provide contact information for someone in your Human Resources department.

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Team members

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